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The first mission of the Romanian Academy Library, formulated in 1867, at the time of its establishment, is to collect and preserve the national fund of manuscripts and prints illustrating Romanian history and culture, as well as universal history and civilization. To this was added, in a short time, the mission of enriching, cataloging and making its collections available to the public, as well as that of valorizing and promoting the patrimonial fund it owns.






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The library of the Romanian Academy is, after a century and a half of operation, the richest Romanian library. It is a national library, holding funds with the most Romanian printed titles, starting with the oldest ones, up to those that appear nowadays. It is at the same time a scientific library, with an encyclopedic character, whose collections are organized so as to be able to provide the necessary documentary material for scientific research, especially for the research carried out in the institutes of the Romanian Academy.

national • patrimonial • encyclopedic • scientific

– Collecting, organizing, enhancing and developing national collections of publications and special collections that reflect the spiritual creation and material production of Romanian society throughout history

– Priority acquisition, from the country and abroad, of specific documents of particular importance for the national cultural-scientific identity

– Elaboration and editing of the National Retrospective Bibliography for all categories of documents

– Realization of the international exchange for the publications of the Romanian Academy

– Organization of documentary exhibitions

– Organization of conferences, sessions and scientific colloquiums

– Coordination, from a methodological point of view, of the activity of the other libraries in the network of the Romanian Academy

– Ensuring the training of new specialists in the field of librarianship and information sciences

– Maintaining direct relations with similar institutions, as well as with other scientific institutions abroad

– Other specific attributions, according to the Statute of the Romanian Academy and its own Regulation of organization and operation

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