The Maps Department


The Maps Department

Organized as a special collection, the maps and atlases holdings number 552 atlases, 16,606 maps, 3,786 estate plans, 250 wall maps, relief maps and planispheres. Of national importance, the collection contains cartographic material concerning the Romanian provinces, for instance: Mappa Specialis Walachiae de 1788; the Moldavian Map, drawn by Rhigas Velestinli, 1792; the United Principalities Map, 1860-1865, or other Romanian maps compiled by famous geographers, such as: Schmidt, Konrad, Bieltz, Mercator. The wide range of the cartographic material is extremely valuable and referential for the study of national history. Among the representatives pieces there is the Ortelius’ atlas , as well as some foreign maps, works of some famous geographers, such as: Homann, Seutter, Kepert, Delisle or Sanson.
One of the most outstanding events in the Romanian history, the “Great Union” of the provinces in 1918, is marked by a map of all the Romanian provinces forming a state entity, as it was recognized by the Treaty of Trianon.


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