1. THE OLD ROMANIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY (1508-1830), edited by Ioan Bianu and Nerva Hodoş in 4 volumes, includes the books published in Romania or abroad, in the Romanian language or by Romanian authors in other languages.
 Vol. I : 1508-1716, printed in 1903
 Vol. II : 1716-1808, printed in 1910
 Vol. III : 1809-1830, printed in 8 sequels between 1912 and 1934
 Vol. IVAdăugiri şi indreptări, (i.e. Addenda and Corrigenda), printed in 1944.
The scientific value of this work is increased by several historic-literary notes, references, a lot of information and observations concerning the copies present in collections all over Romania, or facsimilies of excerpts from the monographies stressing upon special printing features, dedications, prefaces, epilogues, title pages and illustrations. The works are described chronologically, and they are searchable in an alphabetic index at the end of each volume.

2. THE MODERN ROMANIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY (1831-1918) vol. I-IV, a chronological sequel of The Bibliography of Old Romanian Books (1508-1830), includes all the books printed in Romania, all the books in the Romanian language, irrespective of author or place of publication, and all the works of Romanian authors, irrespective of language or place of publication.
 Vol. I : A-C, printed in 1984
 Vol. II: D-K, printed in 1986
 Vol. III: L-Q, printed in 1989
 Vol. IV: R-Z, printed in 1996
The bibliographic entries are organised according to ISBD (M) rules, describing mainly the book collections of the RAL, in alphabetical order, by author or title (in the case of anonymous works).
3. THE RETROSPECTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ROMANIAN BOOKS (1919-1952) is under construction, but the version that was already made can be accessed online (in OPAC) as a special database called „BIB”, part of the global database of RAL, catalogued in UNIMARC.



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